Please work on getting your medical forms for 2018 completed and turned in. The troop needs the original along with a copy of medical insurance cards.

At a minimum, part A and B are required. Part C is required for events over 72 hours (Philmont and summer camp).

You can save yourself time by having the medical form completed during the scout's annual exam. Medical forms are good for one year.

See the information on the links tab for more information.

Mr. Foehner is collecting medical forms.

If you have questions, contact webmaster@troop538.com


Camp & Gear Cards Fundraiser

Posted on Feb 13 2020 - 9:47pm

This card full of discounts and deals to area businesses sells for $5.00.
Scouts keep $2.50 from each card sale plus a bonus of $1.00 per card if the Troop hosts a booth at the show.

Please RSVP for Klondike ASAP. The adventure happens 2/28-3/1!

Posted on Feb 13 2020 - 9:43pm

This is the last opportunity for a Timberline Klondike experience!
Register for Friday only, Saturday only or both nights!


Summer camp payment due 2/24

Posted on Feb 13 2020 - 9:19pm

Please bring a check for $150.00 to the next Troop meeting on 2/24.

Interested in going to FE Warren in April?

Posted on Feb 8 2020 - 10:05am

It’s not too early to start the RSVP and paperwork required to attend this fun overnight event.

Scout Sunday- 2 weeks away - Feb 8-9

Posted on Jan 30 2020 - 6:32pm

Show your Reverence and Cheerful Service during Scout Sunday Weekend. It’s two weeks away, February 8-9.

Abiding Hope Lutheran Church:
· Saturday Evening Service @ 5:30 p.m.

Need Camping nights? Klondike is Feb.28-Mar. 1

Posted on Jan 30 2020 - 6:26pm

Klondike Camping – WHO NEEDS CAMPING NIGHTS???
o This is a great event and is already looking like there is plenty of interest from our Troop
o I would like to begin getting commitments so we can register. EARLY REGISTRATION ENDS ON FEBRUARY 10, and after that it’s $3 more per person. The only other cost besides the $24-$27 for camp is food and incidentals, which would be right around $20 for a total cost of less than $50 for the entire weekend.

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